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Metaphor Analysis Project
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Metaphor Analysis Project > About the Metaphor Analysis Project and MetNet

The Metaphor Analysis project is a research project funded by the ESRC's National Centre for Research Methodology. It was awarded to Lynne Cameron and the MetNet Group and runs from 1 May 2006 for six months.

MetNet (the Metaphor Network) is an active group of researchers, currently based in the north of England, investigating the use of metaphor and metonymy in discourse, and developing theoretical approaches to metaphor that go beyond cognitive metaphor theory.

MetNet Core Members
Prof Lynne Cameron, Faculty of Education and Language Studies, The Open University(PI)

Dr Joep Cornelissen, Leeds University Business School

Dr Alice Deignan, School of Education, University of Leeds

Dr Mario Kafouros, Leeds University Business School

Dr Graham Low, Dept of Educational Studies, University of York

Dr Katja Markert, School of Computing, University of Leeds

Dr Robert Maslen, Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Dr Elena Semino, University of Lancaster

Dr Rachele Tardi, Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Dr Zazie Todd, Psychology, University of Leeds

Dr Juup Stelma, University of Manchester

Joining MetNet for Metaphor Analysis Project
Prof Paul Chilton, University of East Anglia

Dr Alan Cienki, Emory University, Atlanta , USA

Dr Vyv Evans, University of Sussex

Dr Rosamund Moon, University of Birmingham

Dr Andreas Musolff, University of Durham

Dr David Ritchie, Portland State University, USA

Dr Mara Zanotto, Pontifical University of Saõ Paulo , Brazil


MetNet ESRC Research Methods


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